17 August 2010

Browns Bay Real Estate Agent

Browns Bay real estate agents shouldn't be as difficult to find on the internet as they are. So I'm doing a test right now to see how difficult it would be to rank for the phrase Browns Bay real estate agent on google.

I heard on the radio the other day that real estate sales were down the other day. A lot of people were saying that lower sales were just a reflection of the season and that in winter people just buy less houses because there aren't as many people out there looking for houses. Another person said that it would be the perfect time to show off how warm your house could be if you had a warm home. My favourite though was the real estate agent painting a pretty picture about the housing market in Browns Bay. I enjoyed that, because that's where I live.

Browns bay real estate agents really have a great place to sell houses in. The local community is awesome, great family events going on all year round, a full size supermarket that's open until 10pm, a great beach for walking the dog on and a wicked playground for the kids with picnic areas right on the waterfront. There are plenty of shops down in the bay with some lovely authentic french bakeries staffed almost entirely of ex-pat frenchies, a couple of great jewellers, a pet store and even travel agents.

I really enjoy living in browns bay and I want to help out any Browns bay real estate agent out there that would like to generate more leads from the internet.

My name is Dan and I'm an internet marketer. I've been selling online for a few years now for myself and now I think it's time to expand and help other people sell online too.

If you are a browns bay real estate agent, call me for a free consultation on how you can get more buying leads calling you on the phone and walking through your door. If you're having trouble finding enough listings to keep up with demand, I can help out with that tool

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